Chartered originally in 1975, and currently sponsored by the Leawood Lions, Boy Scout Troop 10 has grown into one of the largest troops in the country with over 250 registered Scouts. By comparison, the average troop size is 15. Since girls were allowed to join starting in 2019, their participation has grown and now represents 15% of that total. Nearly 180 registered adult leaders volunteer to help guide the Troop 10 Scouts in all their activities throughout the program year.

As but one reflection of its success, Troop 10 has helped celebrate more than 520 young men reaching the rank of Eagle Scout over the last 45 years. This is no easy achievement, as only 2% of those who begin the Scouting journey earn the rank of Eagle. Troop 10 currently has 22 active Eagle Scouts, which is a rate roughly double
the national average. Three of those 22 active Eagle Scouts belong to Ken Green and Rob Day, team members at Mitchell Capital who have also spent the last decade in various leadership positions in Troop 10.

A large portion of the Scouting commitment is towards public service and Troop 10 puts that into practice in a variety of ways. Troop 10 helps the Leawood Lions ring bells for the Salvation Army, they adopted a section of Highway 69 to keep clean, and they collect food and supplies for Harvesters. They also undertake beautification
projects at their host school, Prairie Star Middle and KC Parks and Rec, as well as supporting Honor Flights for our Veterans, just to name a few. It is worth noting that these hours put in by Troop 10 Scouts are separate from those required for school or religious organizations or other social groups. Altogether in 2019, Troop 10 Scouts devoted more than 3,000 hours of their time for the benefit of Leawood, KS and the surrounding community.

Boy Scout Troop 10 takes seriously its mission to the boys and girls that make up its ranks. They provide opportunities to learn valuable life skills while fostering leadership and community service in a fun atmosphere. They are an organization worthy of your support.