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About Us

As a nimble, private, employee-owned investment management firm, specializing in separate managed portfolios, we believe that as you live with intention, we will invest with intention. Our experienced investment engineers are passionate, intentional advisers who use six distinctive investment strategies to educate and find appropriate outcomes for your personal goals.

Our methods are traditional, time-tested, and rooted in the proven principles of Benjamin Graham — and we’ve applied it to the modern market. We’ve built our firm on a foundation of listening to our clients and rolling up our sleeves, day in and day out.

Investment over Speculation

We analyze the strength of a company to uncover its growth potential. As an outgrowth in Benjamin Graham’s security analysis strategy, we invest in companies with sustainable earnings, strong management and market position.

People over Products

We believe ownership creates connection. Our clients are people first and our team is invested in their shared success. Strong relationships are just as important as strong results.

Logic over Trends

We require our entire team’s judgement and unanimous consent throughout our investment process. Guided by wisdom and experience, we steward our clients through all of life’s transitions. We offer our clients clear vision in a volatile world.

Our History

Fred Mitchell had built a strong and admirable career in financial services, holding top roles in leading companies. But Fred also had a vision for a firm that approached security analysis with discipline and discernment — a firm based on wisdom and strategy. With that passion, he founded Mitchell Capital Management in 1987 — and that same passion drives our firm today.

Over the past nearly 30 years, our firm has expanded, with a growing team of talented professionals. Fred Mitchell’s legacy is present every day in our investment process and client service, as we roll up our sleeves and approach capital management with diligence. Mitchell Capital is employee-owned, and each owner walks through the door every day. That’s how committed we are to the service of our clients. We work hard each day to earn your trust — because we know peace of mind is priceless.

Mitchell Capital Timeline

April 28

Mitchell Capital Management formed

January 28

MCM goes through $250 million in assets under management

February 28

Leadership and management responsibilities are broadened among team members

Future ownership team formed.
September 28

MCM goes through $500 million in assets under management

July 28

Ownership transitions to a broad team of employee-owners