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Investment Strategy

We approach capital management with discipline and discernment, rolling up our sleeves for our clients every day. Investing is not about overnight wealth; rather, we believe investing is about the steady growth of assets over time. Investing is about achieving financial security while maintaining peace of mind.

We are conservative, disciplined, long-term managers of financial assets. It’s the only way we know. Our strategy is rooted in the enduring principles of Benjamin Graham; we pair his wisdom with our daily diligence in serving you.

Our investment strategy starts and ends with you: we work hard each day to earn your trust because we know peace of mind is priceless. We carefully design investment programs that reflect a comprehensive understanding of each client’s risk tolerance, as well as preference for growth, income and stability. After extensive analysis and systematic appraisal, we select securities that match each client’s objectives.

We monitor portfolios closely and continuously, staying alert to opportunities and sensitive to risk, and relieving clients of administrative tasks that accompany an investment program. Our investment philosophy is conservative and disciplined. And because we believe in taking good care of good people, we communicate throughout. Comprehensive reports are paired with ongoing conversation, because our relationship with you is the heart of our strategy.

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