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Investment Management Services

We are fiduciaries:

At Mitchell Capital, we were a fiduciary long before it became fashionable to say so. We sit on the same side of the table as our clients; there simply is no other way to do business that produces positive, long-term success for our clients.

Your objectives must come first. As fiduciaries we are legally required to do so, but it also happens to be the right way. We are as transparent as possible. You will know exactly how much you are paying and what you receive in return. And we only get paid on assets under management; no referral fees or commissions of any kind.

Our investment philosophy:

There is no such thing as passive investing. Every investment decision is active and investment management is at our core. We do our own investment management and apply a process refined since we started in 1987. We begin with the asset allocation which flows from your financial plan and we conduct the research on the companies in which we invest. Most advisors are happy to delegate security research, favoring other managers or defined market exposures instead, which add an additional layer of fees for you and separate you further from the understanding of what you own. We approach investing differently. Rather than blindly buy the whole market through good and bad, we prefer to know the companies we own in order to make informed, intentional decisions about the risks we accept in pursuit of your goals. This depth of knowledge also allows us to communicate effectively with you about the reasons behind each position. The responsibility for a good or bad investment decision starts and stops with us.

Investment Management

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